Sunday, 19 February 2012

Neflox Review

Today i will discuss about the product by Selmore Pharmaceuticals Neflox available in Pakistan market.

This product contain 23% florfenicol belong to chlorfenicol family or some can say it is the next generation of chlorfenicol. This is known as broad spectrum antibiotic and has activity against both gram -ve and gram +ve bacteria.

Coming to the review of Neflox it shows good results as compared to chlorfenicol.

This medicine comes in liquid form so the company claims and also there is general view that it's more soluble in water, while practical use of this medicine shows that on dissolving it in water it forms cloudy web like mass sowing it to be partially soluble in water.

However using using slight warm water to dissolve medicine show quite good results but still not enough.

Result wise it is quite good but it's not cost effective as compared to chlorfenicol which is cheap and also show very good results. It shows very good results where resistance has been developed against use of chlorfenicol.

There is more work for company to do to improve it's solubility.

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