Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disinfectant Programme

Disease in poultry result in direct losses in shape of dead birds, low FCR, low production. The cost to eradicate the disease from flock surpass the cost to prevent it including effective disinfectant program and other necessary preventive measures.

Proper use of disinfectants also reduce the need to use of other control measures.

Number of micro organisms on surface of poultry housing may range from TEN THOUSAND MILLION or more per square cm.

The program is divided into different phases and each one should be completed thoroughly before going to the next phase.

Phase 1

  • Remove all birds and old litter from houses to eliminate chances of re-contamination
  • Remove all equipment and soak them in solution of detergent to remove soiling, then disinfect with disinfectant, dry and store them in lean area for future use
  • After removal of organic matter remove remains by scrapping
  • After removal of organic matter detergent's and disinfectant's will work effeciently
Phase 2

  • Use some good detergent and apply it thoroughly on all surface and let it there for at least 30 minutes before washing with clean water
Phase 3

  • Drain the water system, wash away all the water
  • Use some good water lines cleaner solution and let it stay in water lines for a while before being washed away
Phase 4

  • After cleaning of house with water let the house dry for at least 12 hours to maximum of 48 hours, this will allow for better absorption area for disinfectant when applied
  • Drying is also useful measure to reduce number of microbes
Phase 5
  • For terminal disinfection use some  good disinfectant having activity against wide range of microbes
  • Spray should reach all areas of the house including roof, walls and cracks etc.
  • Use of warm water for spraying enhance the activity of disinfectant considerably
  • If there is little or low risk of disease in area then concentration of disinfectant can be lowered
  • House should be allowed to dry before placing equipment and litter
Phase 6
  • After placing the equipment into the use fumigate the house with KMNO4 + Formalin or with any other thing available in the area
  • All the house cracks and holes should be closed before fumigation to improve fumigation effect and to reduce number of microbes to very little level
Phase 7
  • After restocking has completed for 5 days then one can carry out routine aerial disinfection
Phase 8
  • Use the foot baths with proper solution in them
  • Always dip before entering the poultry house
  • Replace solution in foot baths once a week
Note: Other then these main phases carry out all the required things one think necessary for optimal health of the poultry flock.

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