Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Early Chick Mortality

This year brought a lot of problem to local hatchery owners in Pakistan as there is a lot of early chick mortality.

Local surveys revealed that many farmers suffered from high mortality rate as high as 90%.

N.D Outbreaks in Pakistan

N.D struck E.C.H this year in Pakistan, Punjab region. local surveys revealed cause of these huge outbreaks include,
1. Severe weather condition
2. Vaccine failure
The main causes for the vaccine failure included

Current Status of Poultry

Current surveys on poultry disease situation revealed that enteritis was the main cause to cause huge losses related to production of flocks. Many factors contributed to this severe condition include;

1. Poor quality of feed stuff
2. Severe weather conditions
3. Miscellaneous pathogens (salmonella, clostridium)

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