Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Egg Market Situation

Egg prices are now dropping after about 2months. The prices started to fall as the temperature began to rise. Market situation in Karachi also contributed to this and prices in Punjab fall so sharply.

Even more decrease in rate is expected. People are thinking that market would be stable at farm rate of about 2000-2200 per crate. Due to continuous drop in rate farmers are trying to sell their stocks as soon as possible to avoid any more economical losses related to the price.

This situation has finally brought the signs of relief to consumers mainly middle and lower class who were mainly affected by this situation.

This season was definitely the GOLDEN SEASON as their was no increase in feed prices and yet the price of the eggs increased so much and remained at high rate for very long time. Most of  the farmers were able to overcome the losses from which they suffered from last disastrous season.

Farmers are still believing that if temperature fall down again the prices will be again high. But currently consumers are happy and hoping that prices will not increase.

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